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"Pham Xuan An was my colleague, teacher and friend -- and the person who saved my life in a long-ago war. I thought I knew him as well as any American, until I read Larry Berman's book. There were revelations for me on every page."

- Robert Sam Anson, author of War News: A Young Reporter in Indochina
Video: Interview with Tu Cang
  Description: An's Funeral Procession

An's Funeral Procession
04:46 minutes
size: 16.565 MB
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Description: An and Berman prepare for a morning of filming for a documentary on his life to be shown on Ho Chi Minh Television.

An and Berman prepare for a morning of filming:
02:33 minutes
size: 8.357 MB
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Description: An's car and Tu Cang's pistols on display in a military museum.

An's car and Tu Cang's pistols on display:
02:14 minutes
Size: 7.219 MB
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Description: Sitting in Givral and looking out at the old Time offices, An recalls the old days at Givral, the place where reporters and politicians converged in search of the latest rumors or to plant one of their own.(In Vietnamese)

An at Givral:
02:22 minutes
size: 7.715 MB
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Description: An's direct supervisor during the Tet Offensive explains An's value as a spy during their time together. (in Vietnamese)

An at Home:
02:43 minutes
size: 9.375 MB
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Description:An explains his espionage method: An describes his meetings with courier Nguyen Thi Ba and discloses how he hid his film and reports inside traditional Vietnamese rolls. (In Vietnamese)

An explains his mehtod:
52 seconds
Size: 2.985 MB
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