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An and the commanders "Perfect Spy illustrates the proposition that truth can be stranger than fiction. Larry Berman has brilliantly captured Pham Xuan An's incredible double life. His book is informative history with the attributes of a Cold War spy thriller."

- Robert Dallek, author of Nixon and Kissinger
Table of Contents
Prologue: "I Can Die Happy Now" PDF icon 1
1. Hoa Binh: Spy and Friend 21
2. The Apprenticeship of A Spy 51
3. California Dreaming 83
4. The Emergence of A Dual Life 115
5. From Time to Tet 155
6. The Blurring of Roles: April 1975 191
7. In His Father's Shadow 229
Epilogue: An Extraordinary Double Life 267
Acknowledgements 283
Notes on Sources 289
Notes 291
Index 321
Perfect Spy book cover
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